Business telephone systems remain essential today even with the proliferation of Internet-based services like email and customer chat. You still need your phone lines clear and working to talk to customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, industry regulators, and everyone else related to your business. When you pick up a phone and discover there's a complete outage of your telephone system, there are four main ways of addressing the problem. Choose one or more of them to get your phone system up and running again.

Notify Your Vendor

Many businesses order their telephone systems as a complete package through the service provider or a subcontractor. If your telephone system comes from a vendor or is under contract with the seller, call them first when there's a problem. Even if the vendor and the service provider are not the same company, you'll want the vendor to communicate with the service company to solve the problem quickly. Businesses that purchased their telephone system and installation outright and which don't have ongoing vendor contracts will need to hire their own service technician.

Call an Emergency Service Technician

When you're free from existing service contracts, you'll definitely need the help of a telephone system repair technician to get your phones working again. Even if you have a vendor on your side, you may want to hire an emergency technician rather than waiting on the repairs offered by your current service provider. Since an outage from your business telephone system could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity even for a short delay, the cost of hiring a third-party repair technician is well worth the investment.

Setup an Alternative System

The fastest way to get your phones ringing again when there's an outage is to install a secondary system that isn't reliant on the same technology. In businesses with hardwired copper telephone systems, this may come in the form of a VOIP phone system that relies on a working Internet connection. When there's a VOIP outage instead, a wireless system using cell reception can be deployed quickly. This keeps your business running smoothly while the repairs are completed.

Reroute to Personal Phones

In a pinch, you may be able to redirect your existing phone numbers to ring on your employee's personal phones instead. However, this is a violation of privacy standards in some industries and isn't ideal. Keep the number of a business phone system repair service such as Communication Technology Associates, Inc. on hand so you can quickly fix outages rather than relying on makeshift workarounds.